A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren

A New Kind of Christian

“A New Kind of Christian’s conversation between a pastor and his daughter’s high school science teacher reveals that wisdom for life’s most pressing spiritual questions can come from the most unlikely sources. This stirring fable captures a new spirit of Christianity – where personal, daily interaction with God is more important then institutional structires, where faith is more about a way of life than a system of belief, where being authentically good is more important than being doctrinally “right”, and where one’s direction is more important than one’s present location. Brian McLaren’s delightful account offers a wise and wondrous approach for revitalizing Christian spiritual life and Christian congregations”

What Brian McLaren offers in A New Kind of Christian, for me, is a breath of fresh air into an often very stale environment of the Christian church and viewpoint today. This book tackles everything from looking at how our worldview taints what we see to so “fundamentals” of the Christian faith and where they come from. A New Kind of Christian challenged me to really look at where my views about certain issues came from – and what the Jesus approach to them would be. A book well worth the read!!Read more reviews on amazon


  1. molly.petersen says:

    There is so much talk about post-modern Christianity today I was quite interested to read McLaren’s point of view. This book is a great conversation starter, very thought provoking…

  2. dreamspinner says:

    “A New Kind of Christian” stretched my brain like a 5 mile run! There were bits that I immediately felt, “this is stating the obvious, OF COURSE, this is how it is to follow Jesus”. Other bits were, “whoah, now you are pushing me more than I like!”…and I LOVED that.

    It was a great intellectual exercise and wonderful intro for a conversation that NEEDS to happen for followers of Jesus today. Don’t walk away from this book without having a convo…with God, with your mates, with your inner self

  3. Michel says:

    Hello Eve;Thanks for ther replyYou’re right It’s just like the verse in Galatians (the reality of this is alomst hidden unless you look at it again and again) It says, we live by His faith ( by the faith of the Son of God) As such, it’s the faith He lived and showed us as our example. This same faith which he began lives in us through His Spirit the moment we are born again We then have learn to Faith Him (Try and see Faith as a Verb it will alomst become a revelation) We must allow our trust to be unwavering and let His Spirit transform us into this Faithing life! A life of total Trust! We now live by the law of this ABC Faith Yet it began with His Faith Father, Not My will but Thy will I think the best one that people miss is Romans 3:22 Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all among so many There are many other examples! This is why I am worried that the Mainstream Church is teaching that it only requires us to have a mere belief in Jesus, and it’s that which gets us there. I’m convinced that it requires more than just simply believing that He is real but faithing in Him However, let me clarify this: It is NOT BY WORKS of any kind either! Please don’t misunderstand me on that. The only law is the law of Faith which even He did for us.Do you kinda see it? If you have a way of getting anything that shoes the original Greek translation into words that we can understand, it really opens your eyes!I am really getting intense on this subject while seeking for Him to show me more and tell me where to take this I am hungry and thirsty and can’t seem to get enough lately nuff sed for now until next time May the best of the best come to you!All Things do work together for good I know that for a fact!

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