Free Budgeting and Personal Finance Book

Money for Life is a book about personal finance and budgeting that I have not yet read, but I just downloaded the free .pdf copy of it.

The book follows the path of two fictional characters, Ryan and Christine, and they try to “regain control and to successfully manager finances in today’s society”.

This finance book is targeted at people “seeking a blueprint for achieving long-term financial wellness”, which I think is the audience that pretty much every personal finance book ever written is targeted.

Here is a quote from the site about what the book is about:

“Ryan and Christine Richardson once enjoyed a solid relationship. They were educated, had a good income, and were focused on successfully raising a family. Like so many in their situation, they had allowed financial stress and frustration to erode their happiness. Join them on a journey as they transform their lives and begin to understand how to live within their income, stop accumulating debt, and build a solid financial future.”

It looks like the free book is a lead up to, “Money for Life Success Planner”, which “with this companion piece, the Money for Life Success Planner, you too can easily follow the same 12-week financial fitness program to reach your objectives. A program that makes your journey to financial security more manageable, predictable and even enjoyable”.

There also appear to be adds in the actual book for some of the products and tools used to get their financial budget under control, like mvelopes.

Money for Life looks like it should be an interesting read, and since it’s free for download, which you can do here, I’ve got nothing to loose by trying it out ..

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