Spy Catcher by Peter Wright

Spy Catcher: The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence OfficerAt many points while reading this book I actually found it quite hard to believe that it was true. The book read to me more like a Fredrick Forsyth novel than an autobiography of a senior inteligence office. It is a much better read than fiction as it is written by a man who has been there and done that.

For five years we bugged and burgled our way across London at the State’s behest, while pompous bowler-hatted civil servant in Whitehall pretended to look the other way.
Peter Wright on his early years in MI5

No book this century has attracted more attention than Spycatcher. It made front-page headlines around the world as the British government tried desperately to suppress Peter Wright’s explosive revelations. Spycatcher tells with startling frankness and detail the devasting story of a government agency which operates outside the law, where the only rule was the 11th commandment: ‘Thou shalt not get caugh’.

Spycatcher is the first real shaft of light to penetrate the murky world of spy and counter-spy. That world will never seem the same again.

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