They called Him Stonewall by Burke Davis

They Called Him Stonewall

“Burke Davis brings the color, vivid characterization and immediacy of the best fiction to this fascinating biography of Stonewall Jackson. He was one of the most brilliant and enigmatic figures not only of the Civil War, but of all military history as well. From the remarkable Valley Campaign through the Seven Days, Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and the masterful, through tragic, sweep at Chancellorsville where Jackson was felled by his own soldiers, this is a compelling narrative of men and war.

Through diligent research over several years, Burke Davis uncovered previously unknown facts about Stonewall, and is able to correct many misapprehensions – though he glosses over none of the faults and eccentricities that gave Jackson the unique personality that rose so well to the challenge of the Civil War. In this volume are also found other memorable personalities, character portraits of the men in Blue and Gray who spring to life fully realized.

Stonewall Jackson’s story is full of the challenging facts of human history. Here was a military genius at once peculiar and perfect, a fearless soldier in battle but a God – fearing man who hesitated to kill on Sunday. He broke the rules of war to win, and yet his tactics are studied in military academies the world over.

Burke Davis brings both Civil War and one of its most famous generals to life, showing this dramatic period of American history in full detail, as well as the life of one of the country’s most brilliant military strategists.”

This book really shows highlights the quality characteristics of Jackson as well as a good look at his morality which shows itself in his decision making, it is a shame that we are not given too many role models like him anymore. “They called him Stonewall” is an in depth book covering all aspects of Jackson’s life from childhood to his early death, it is definately not for the light browser of books!!

The book talks a lot about his character, through all the tragedies of his childhood to his determination to be educated and his outstanding military record. The part that caught me the most about this book is that Burke Davis really shows Jackson as a man that would not compromise his values, integrity or principles at any price. There are not too many people that you can read about with that kind of “stonewall” character (excuse the pun).

It is a book I would definately recommend to people studying great leaders and inspirational figures, it is not always an easy read – but well worth the effort.

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