Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski

Under the Overpass

“Yankoski’s parents were right: It was crazy to live as a homeless person in six American cities for five months; fortunately, this crazy idea makes for quite a story.”

Under the Overpass is the story of two college-age guys who decide to put their faith to the test and live as homeless people on the streets. Though Mike’s accounts of street life are rather tame, compared to the build-up they’re given, he gives a unique perspective on the problem of homelessness. It also made me think of my attitude toward those I see on the street. This book is a fun, interesting read.Read more reviews on amazon (avaliable for Audio Version download)

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  1. Oscar says:

    Dude you are convicting me! That thhougt was just sort of simmering within me the other day but you’re the one giving me the swift kick right where I need it!!! I need to do more with what God has given me bro! I’m getting less and less content with the status quo. It’s time for a movement of earth shakers to arise. Let’s go!

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